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Big Sky Heating and Cooling Specializes in Retrofitting.


What is “retrofitting”?

Retrofitting replaces the old furnace while leaving the existing ductwork in place. The process integrates new elements into your existing system to maximize performance and efficiency.

It may not be cost-effective right now or feasible to close your business in order to replace your entire duct system; so, a retrofit may be the solution for you!

What are the benefits of retrofitting?

Energy Savings: Since the goal of a retrofit is to make your equipment more energy-efficient, you’ll end up seeing lower monthly energy bills. In fact, a retrofit could save your business up to 25-35% on energy costs according to Environment + Energy Leader.

Better Comfort: An optimized system will normally have better humidity control and more consistent temperatures throughout the building than an inefficient system.

Extended Lifespan: Every HVAC unit has an expected service life that ranges anywhere between 10-20 years. As your unit gets older, a retrofit can add a few additional years to that service life expectancy.

Rebates: Some utility companies will offer rebates to businesses that get a retrofit. So [sic] before you get started, have a talk with your utility company. If they offer rebates, it will allow you to see a faster return on investment.


Climbing energy costs? Aging HVAC system? Not enough money in the budget to replace your entire heating and cooling system? Call the experts at Big Sky Heating and Cooling and we will come out and give you an estimate on a retrofit that meets your home or business needs.